Shared bandwidth and QoS


We have a situation where multiple organizations are all going to be
sharing a gigabit ethernet based Internet feed. We've each agreed to
"purchase" a percentage of the cost of the feed. The topology is

   (Inbound GigE 802.1q Trunk)
----------------------------------->Collective Router w/eBGP to ISP------>ISP
  --Org #1, eBGP Peer 1, SubInt 1
  --Org #2, eBGP Peer 2, SubInt 2
> .. etc

What we'd like to do is to set things up so that each institution always
has access to their percentage of the ISP link bandwidth and, if there is
additional bandwidth available, provide that everyone. The only way I can
think to accomplish this is via rate limits and priority queuing, but it looks
as though I'll need to mark and/or rewrite the TOS bits in everyone's packets
to do so. Does anyone have a better way of accomplishing this?

Eric :slight_smile: