Sflow/netflow/ipfix open source security projects


I am interested in getting involved with an open source project in my spare time.

I thought that it may be useful to contribute to an open source project that uses flow data to check for lateral movement inside of networks and also to check for known bads in remote connections.

This seems like really low hanging fruit from a defense scenario.

I’ve tried googling around for something like this and I have come up short.

Is anyone aware of any such projects?



Sounds like an interesting project. You might want to take a look at sflowtool to get started. The following article shows how to use sflowtool to decode sFlow datagrams and includes a simple Python script matching IP addresses against a known threat database.


Argus and the Argus Clients have quite a bit to offer in this line and they are open source. Check qosient.com for the GitHub information.