sFLOW collector?

I am trying to implement sflow in my network, and looking for a free sflow
collector, that I can use to better see my peer to peer, and route
utilization. Right now I have the problem of not knowing how much of my
traffic is coming/going to what ASs. I have installed ntop so far, but
don't see the tools/benefits that I am looking for to help me specifically
with the BGP. Is there a plug-in that I am missing or something. If
someone could point me in the right direction, or recommend another free
collector that could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.


We use Argus
I guess we kind of have a paternal link to it. It is very nice, very flexible. We are able to monitor our core network, our egress. It has a nice model, using probes to get the data and collectors to (guess what) collect the data. For any significant amount of traffic, you don't want to do complex filtering of the data on the same machine that is trying to collect that data.

I am a user of the software, not an implementer or inhouse developer of it, so I don't know how hard it is to get up and running. Using it is fairly simple though. It is quite flexible and worth looking at.

Peter Hill
Network Engineer
Carnegie Mellon University

We use flow-tools. It doesn't have a graphical interface, but there is a
perl module that you can use to write your own. We actually use perl to
summarize and put into a database, and then PHP for the front end.



Adam Debus
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