Service Problems

Now, that i'm not in the ISP business --

*all* large ISPs have the same "small" problem, namely the
complete lack of understanding of the current workforce market
by the management. There are only few people in the world who
really know how the global routing works, and some of them
already worth more than average Joe Banana telco tech will make
for his entire life. Needless to say that they don't work for
telcos, so those who still do have something to think about.

In my practice, leaving a large ISP by members of engineering or
operational staff causes rather steep increases in their income.
On the other hand, engineers having compensation bigger than
their managers is something unheard of in the telco corporate
culture, and so is trusting engineers to do planning, without
the "benefit" of last-year-plus-five-percent beancounting.

Those who stay are either young enough to work just for fun, or
have other reasons (immigration status, etc) to stay. Of course,
incompetents tend to stay till pensions.


PS Although i post from a Sprint accound i do not work or speak

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