SEMI-OT: NOCs and networking students

Hey, I've been lurking for several months, reading and absorbing from the
vast knowledge on this list. I got to admit that I have learned a lot
about the innards of BGP and network operations. Plus I'm building my
resource list of people who can answer questions. :slight_smile: (I'm a college
student, employee of an ISP and network guy, won some national awards for
Internetworking) So if you have posted, thanks for the information, it's
nice to actually learn something for a change....unlike in college....

Now here is my semi-ot post...
I am also very involved in a Cisco Networking Academy in a high-school in
Greensboro, NC. I helped push the program to what it is today, while I
was a high school student. I am hoping that someone on this list would
like to teach these kids some and offer field trip opportunities. Would
anyone mind hosting a group of students to tour a NOC or a datacenter,
somewhere in NC? I only know of C&W having a NOC in Raleigh, if I
remember correctly. But I'm open to anything, and I'm sure they would be