sell shell accounts?

I don't disagree with anything you have said. I don't think "too many hops"
is an interesting criticism of an NSPs network. All I was saying is that it is
possible, using switches, to reduce your hop count. I am not arguing the
merits of doing so. Today, regardless of how fast switches can push cells, if
your network is IP based you need to traverse routers. When the routers get
overloaded you must either install more routers or faster routers.

Hmm, I would say:

Today, regardless of whether you use switches or routers or both, if
you're not making effective/correct internal-WAN load-balancing
decisions, you're screwed (assuming you have enough internal redundancy/
bandwidth to run your network even with 100% optimal routing decisions).


Ps. I don't take it personally Avi. I only argue with you because when I do
I often learn something.

Good, I was going to send you private e-mail to make clear that I was
just on a religious ATM vs. Routed network thing - nothing personal.
I'll still come down to visit after ISPCON.

And I incuded nanog@ to get the opinion of others...