Seen on Reuters Newswire (was: Re: (!) Vint Cerf designing network for solar system (!))

CALIFORNIA - In a freak router accident earlier this week,
the minds and bodies of Internet kook Jim Fleming and Internet
pioneer Vint Cerf were exchanged. The mind of Jim Fleming is
now inside of the body Vint Cerf, and vice-versa. Scientists
are baffled by the event, but suspect a misconfigured ATM card.
Respected Internet operator Avi Freedman commented, "The
implications of this event for the future of the Internet are
staggering, I just hope we can develop and control this new
technology before hackers begin to exploit it. Sushi?"

In related news today, Jim Fleming has been appointed Chief
Network Architect for MCIWoldCom, Vint Cerf was last seen
muttering something about "IPv8".