Seems PB-NAP or those at PB-NAP are filtering on 206.29.134 /24

It seems that several providers are filtering on the above
/24 space.

EPOCH is one of them

The common point is PB-NAP

But I don't know if its the fabric at PB-NAP, if its PacBell Internet,
or if its various providers at PB-NAP.....

I wouldn't think that PB-NAP would filter, but I am at a loss, and
haven't been able to get a reply from either party.

PacBell Internet could be the problem as they had some static routes
in there system while we where a customer. They swear they never
did, but the clueless NOC monkeys wouldn't know a static if
it bit them on there dynamic.....

I also don't think its PBI, as PBI != PB-NAP, Right?

Several of our clients are having problems getting to sites
by using this /24.