Seeking old NANOG list mbox archives

Hi All. I run a web archive for network security mailing lists at and have decided to add NANOG. I find that this
list often delves into security issues, including botnets, malware,
DoS attacks, ways to contain them, etc. So I've added a page with the
monthly archives since 2003, excerpts of the latest posts, RSS feeds,
searching, etc:

The problem is that I have only been a list member for 6 years, while
the NANOG list has a rich history going back to 1994 ('92 if you count
the NSFNET Regional-Techs list it was formed from). I'd love to make
that whole history available. If anyone has archives going back
further than mine, please let me know. Traditional Unix-style mbox
files are preferred, but I'll take whatever I can get and massage them
into mboxes.