seeing the trees in the forest of confusion

The source was isolated within 60 minutes of the problem.

The routes propagated for greater than 120 minutes after that
without the source contributing. (yes, the routes with an
originating AS path of 7007)

This is the interesting problem that noone seems to focus on.

This has happened before. I had a problem with routes incorrectly
being advertised by another ISP(GI/MIDNET). The problem was quickly
identified, and corrected. An old set of filters created by an engineer
that had left the company was incorrectly configured. However this ISP
had transit from Sprint. A Sprint router a couple of hops away kept
advertising the bogus routes for two days before I could finally get
someone in Sprint to believe a problem existed, and shoot the router.
Why it took two days is a story in itself.

We did not expect it to hurt for 3 hours. It should have stopped
earlier. Why it didn't is the only interesting question left.

Perhaps if you had shared the information more widely, someone who had
seen a similar problem before could have helped.