seeing the trees in the forest of confusion

I agree that there appears to be some underlying problem with the BGP code
on the backbone that is delaying route withdrawals beyond a reasonable
time. We ran into a similar problem Wednesday night where one of our
customers started advertising more specifics for our network blocks to
another transit provider (who does not filter customer routes). After
shutting down the customer's BGP peering, the bogus routes were still in
the table an hour later at which time we started advertising our own more
specifics to restore service to our other customers -- this lead to our
unfortunate position in Thursday's CIDR report.

Were they in as dampened; history; or just in as if they were in and had
not flapped?

Dampening of more specific bogus announcements is a problem I'd like to
see addressed, since the more general (and correct) routes won't be used
if more specifics are dampened.

- Doug