Security Assessment of TCP at the IETF

Hello, folks,

In February this year the UK CPNI published the document "Security
Assessment of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)" (available at:

Earlier this year we published an IETF Internet-Draft version of this
document (available at:
in the hope of having the IETF further work on the TCP security paper UK
CPNI had published.

My personal take (possibly biased, since I am the document author)
is that this document has been the result of a lot of work (including
the work of the many peple that reviewed the CPNI version of the
document), and that the IETF should take this chance to work and publish
something on the subject.

The chairs of the TCPM Working Group of the IETF are currently polling
the WG for input about this document. It would be great if you could
voice your opinion about whether the TCPM should take this document on,
and also whether you would be willing to review this document. (Bellow
you'll find a copy of the TCPM chairs' poll)

Please send your comments to (and please CC me).


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