Support for developing a draft Post NSF AUP seems to have diminished
in the public forum. Privately, the support for an AUP is strong,
but for reasons beyond my comprehension, the public debate tends
to degenerate into it's lowest common denominator rapidly.

It has been my belief that both NANOG and COM-PRIV would benefit
greatly from defining a Post NSF AUP and I continue to agree,
as many have suggested, that unless a problem is defined, it
is practically impossible to solve. Mike O'Dell has told me
politely that this AUP discussion in NANOG is a form of 'spam'
in itself. If that is the opinion of the majority, and NANOG
is not a forum for discussing a Post NSF AUP, then please
consider this an apology, I was misinformed.

I agree with Bill Manning's ideal for developing a comprehensive
ubiquitous AUP acceptable to all races, colors, creeds, and ethic
origin, but, on the other hand, it is fairly consistant with human
nature that a omnipresent AUP is out of the question, considering
our inability to agree, in principle, on a basic draft within
a relatively small forum.

It does, however, appear that defining the framework of a Post
NSF AUP does not appear to enjoy the overall support of COM-PRIV
and NANOG. Hence, without a show of strong support for this
draft AUP, I am compelled to withdraw my motion for developing
this document, unless substantial public support is generated.

Also, could someone please be so kind to explain why NANOG
should not be including in these AUP discussions?