Ladies and Gentlemen:

It will be very challenging to see a diverse and informed crowd
such as the cross-section of com-priv and nanog attempt to reach
an 80 to 90 percent concensus on what constitutes "Acceptable
Usage" of the Internet.

  why do you think com-priv (US centric coverage on privatization and
  commercialization) and nanog (North American Network Operators)
  have a lock on defining an Internet AUP?

  Why not let the Africans, Chinese, Indians, Europeans and South
  Americans do it? (We'll leave out the Japanese, Australians, Asians
  and North Americans becasue they don't count... :slight_smile:

What do you say? Shall we table the motion or move forward?

  You seem to be just a tad deluded as to the relative
  importance of a few white males. Perhaps we should
  figure out how to get a real cross-section of the
  Internet populace first, then worry about global
  policy. Or better yet, focus on the policy for and ensure that others that you peer
  directly with understand your policy.
  Think globally, Act locally. Get your own house
  in order first.