Ladies and Gentlemen:

I think it is fair to say the motion on the table calling for
a post NSF AUP is not ready to be withdrawn nor tabled and that
there is sufficient support to call for a group to work together
to create a rough draft.

It will be very challenging to see a diverse and informed crowd
such as the cross-section of com-priv and nanog attempt to reach
an 80 to 90 percent concensus on what constitutes "Acceptable
Usage" of the Internet. Maybe we could begin by trying to
faq an "Acceptable Usage of the Internet" FAQ. I volunteer
to try to keep the FAQ on track and make the latest draft
available on our server.

The $1,000,000 question is who is qualified and interested and
bold enough to take a first cut at a draft.

Second, where should the discussion take place? com-priv,
nanog, another group, or a new group?

There is a blank page called
eagerly awaiting a bold first draft by an Internet Oracle.
Internet Oracle, please put your draft forward :slight_smile:

The alternative is to table the motion and forget about the issue.
I believe that a non-binding AUP is a necessary 'first step'
that is causal to all other events congruent to the 'spam and son-of-spam'
issue. It has been demonstrated that enough people on nanog and
com-priv are interested in trying to come to consensus on a draft

What do you say? Shall we table the motion or move forward?