Seattle Earthquake

The Tsunami Warning Center reports the quake occured at 10:44 PST, with
an estimated magintude of 6.2.

Some web sites are down, such as, but it appears to
be a localized issue. Seattle Public Library, King County Library,
Amazon.COM and Microsoft.COM all appear to be functioning.

I couldn't find any traceroutes through Sprint's network in the northwest,
but I don't know of any sites with only Sprint connectivity, so I don't
know about Sprint.

ATT, Cable & Wireless, and PSI appear normal.

I could reach parts of Qwest/USWEST, but I don't know their physical
network topography, so I couldn't tell if I was reaching Seattle or
somewhere else.

InterNAP is not reporting any problems, but is encouraging customers
not to contact its NOC unless something's severely broken.

The customer notification mail they sent out is considered
confidential and proprietary (So much for open communication. D'oh!),
so I'll refrain from posting specifics.