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   MADRID, June 15 (AFP) - Thousands of phones and Internet
   connections were severed in 15 Spanish provinces after
   saboteurs used chainsaws to cut through fibre optic cables
   belonging to Spanish telecoms operator Telefonica, the Spanish
   press reported Saturday.


   Communications between airports were particularly affected,
   causing delays of three hours in the Galicia region,
   northwestern Spain, while numerous automatic cash distributors
   shut down across Spain.


   The Spanish ministry of science and technology has asked
   telecommunications companies to activate a backup plan in the
   case of such emergencies in future.

Spare fibers in the same duct ;-?

RFC1149 would probably have less latency.

Union issue? Or terrorism? Or competition? (or all of the above?)

This doesn't seem like the work of disaffected teenagers, for some
reason... :slight_smile:

- Dan

Maybe the IRA didn't take kindly to being kicked out of the world