Sean Doran and ATM.

I really hate to ask, but does anyone know how to find Sean Doran of
Sprint infamy?

I really need to follow up on some comments he made one day about ATM.

If you do, please just e-mail me.

Has anybody used an Ascend GRF400 in a production environment?


We have been trying to get decent units from Ascend.

Everything we get from them has some kind of hardware problem (ethernet
wise) that flakes out after about 7 days uptime.

Email me if you want more specifics.


We have about 15 of them in our network right now, and are 100% cisco
free. We had some problem major problems when we started with them, but
ascend was very quick to get them fixed. We were very concerned when we
started to put then in a production environment, but I can now say I am
happy I went with Ascend. If anyone wants more info on this box I would
would be happy to answer then.

P.S. I do NOT speak for Ascend in any form. I am just a very happy
customer. I am the first to admit (sorry ascend) that when I first got the
box it was not as stable as I has hoped, but for the last 4 months they
have been very stable.

Nathan Stratton President, NetRail,Inc.

Hmm, I have lots of 8 port Ethernet cards in my network, and they are
stable. You may have a bad card or something, try upgrading the firmware
on the Ethernet card to the latest code.

Well sorry, we should move this to the Ascend list.

Nathan Stratton President, NetRail,Inc.