Sean: Accept my Mea Culpa


In a demonstration of irony in its purest form, given the fact that the attribute
of 'trust' was discussed in this thread upstream, it would appear to the
unknowing that I betrayed the trust of Sean Donelan by copying an offlist message
he sent to me and pasting it to this list. Sean noted in a subsequent reply:

"I guess forwarding private messages to public lists should be expected."

I did, in fact, inadvernently copy and paste a private message to the list in one
of the contortions I have to go through in order to get a plain editor version of
my message to him, but it was unintentional, and certainly not a betrayal of trust.

Fortunately, no real harm that I can discern was done, but I apologize to Sean,
in any event, for the mishap.