Scaling up Internet Security (was: Scaled Back Cybersecuruty)

> > i've had absolutely no luck getting the source isp's to care about
> > the problems i've seen at my home firewall in recent weeks.

> we try hard to send out
> correlated and filtered reports in a standardized format to valid
> 'contact' addresses. There are some success stories, but more misses
> than hits overall.

All of this requires an ISAC dedicated to the purpose of analyzing and
stamping out network abuse.

--Michael Dillon

  what might be tough is to come up with a universal definition
  of "network abuse". even harder will be a change in the fundamental
  nature of IP, while maintaining backward compatability with the
  existing technology (source vs destination orientation).

  then there is the problem of "walled gardens"/NATs that allow/encourage
  anonymous behaviour (bad contacts) and the lack of consistant
  standards for maintaining accurate contact data (goofy "privacy"

  the only saving grace is that business relationship you have with
  your immediate peers/transit providers. they can help you from
  seeing stuff you don't want to see. The trick question is, can
  the accomodate your desires along with the rest of their 10,000,000
  customers? Esp. with the technologies available to them?