SBC/AT&T + Verizon/MCI Peering Restrictions

I choose to view this as ineffectual railing against the seemingly
inevitable subordination of bit transport to compelling content.

I thought he is suggesting they are going to disconnect from
the Internet and run their own private net which is fine but
some customers may go elsewhere

They ARE using your pipes right now, and they AREN'T paying you money. The
funny thing is that your customers ARE paying you money for access to Google
and Yahoo. Broadband gets a lot less compelling without content, so don't
push it.

We provide extra broadband content to ISPs with a SFI to us, we choose
not to provide that to the general Internet as the cost is too high.
There is also content that ISPs pay us to provide.

Plenty of choice in what he can procure for the pleasure of his
customers though I'm not happy with the ongoing attempted balkanisation
of the Internet