Satellite latency

> if you adjust the window size on the sending and receiving
> systems, you can improve this, but this solution is impractical,
> as you would need to get everyone on the internet (or at least
> all of the webservers and websurfers you are servicing) to make
> adjustments to their local TCP stack.

The receiver is the one that informs the sender how large of a
window it can accept, so it can be practical for a subscriber
installation. It wouldn't be a good idea to park a bunch of
servers behind one of these links, but any receiving node that set
its TCP receive window to 2x the byte/sec capacity of the link
should see decent throughput.

No, you need to set things on both sides. The sender has to buffer
data until it is ACKed in case it needs to retransmit. So, its
buffer needs to be as big as the advertised window or the sender
buffer will effectivly limit the advertised window.


What do you need to set on the send side? If the receiver tells the
sender "my acceptable window is 512k", the sender knows how much it
has to buffer.