Salt Lake NANOG peering

We're excited to host the June NANOG in Salt Lake, and give
the NANOG crowd to enjoy a few beautiful days in Utah.

I know how important it'll be to have good connectivity to
your network while you're here in Utah. As a special offer
to NANOG attendees, we have made an exception to our
normally stringent peering policy to ensure your SSH and IRC
sessions are optimized for NANOG (Ethereal, ettercap and
Cain&Able performance will not affected).

For a limited time, we are now accepting requests for
peering at PAIX Palo Alto and Equinix Chicago. As an
additional incentive, anyone who peers with us before May 1
will be able to keep that peering indefinitely, so respond


Peter gets the award for the most creative broadcast peering request that
we have seen on NANOG in some time :slight_smile:

Do we also get a set of steak knives? (you did mention a "limited time"

- Dan

And how about people who are already peered, do we get entered in to the
contest as well?


Does this also mean you will be doing native multicast
peering on these sessions (or at the paix mcast lan) in order
to provide the multicast part of the nanog sessions?

  - jared