SaidCom disconnected by Level 3 (former Telcove property)

I've been working at a smaller ISP (~4000 subs, plus businesses), and not
one has asked me if I'm multi-homed.

When we or our upstream provider have a problem the telephones light up and
people act as if it's a problem, but the reality is that they're not
communicating it, up front, as a business requirement.


Joe Abley wrote:

Almost ALL?

Surely all those except those who are competing with you for the same
customers should multi-home. :slight_smile:

To the NANOG T-shirt Committee: Please consider this as the slogan for the
next design.

“Mission critical” seems to be quite subjective these days.


Sure. That's why I qualified my remarks.


There are a few in that racket as well ... RSA Cyota for example.
With some real big name customers.

There's of course services like Markmonitor that go around looking for
trademark violations on registered domains ..