Safe Geo-location Defaults

Has anyone published "safe" geo-location defaults? By safe I mean default lat/lon coordinates for a country, state/province, city, postal code which do not resolve near a residence.

It seems like too many people use "Find My <device>" or other geo-location services, and then go to the exact location shown on the mapping service for the default lat/lon which is often a default location. Knock on the person which happens to live near the default centroid, and acuse them of stealing their <device> because "Find My <device>" showed that location.

Yes... point your default coordinates to a safe location, please!


I'd agree with that wholly. I've had a drunk couple show up at my place years back insisting I had her phone. Once the guy tried to push through the door he got the business end of good ole Louie and a cute little breaking and entering sentence at a vacation destination known as lockup :crazy_face:

With enough said if this was a business location or courthouse it may have saved them a little gas and time getting there, and myself not having to wake up so damn late.

Indeed. For a mild example:

It appears that Lukas Tribus <> said:

Yes... point your default coordinates to a safe location, please!

Kansas couple sues IP mapping firm for turning their life into a “digital hell” | Ars Technica

After reading the stories about people who were sure their stolen device was at the default location, and then Maxmind
moving the default into the middle of a nearby lake, I was tempted to set up a stand next to the lake renting glass bottom
boats and snorkel gear.