Rx and Tx on a single SMF strand for MANs?

Would anyone like to contribute their favorite solution for doing both Rx and Tx over a single fiber, in MAN environments?


I've found that unit, but I'm hoping to find some alternatives... Is there anything that will do 1000Mb over a single fiber?

A bunch of guys make these in very simple configurations.

MRV: http://www.mrv.com/product/MRV-FD-SF/appdrawing/

There are companies that make a plug-in GBIC that is single attach as well,
but I can't seem to find the URL readily.

Something similar: http://www.iteck.com/eng/products/pdf/GMC(Rev.D).pdf

Deepak Jain


gbic form factor. No experience with it, but looks pretty cool for special cases...

Peter Hill

The Canoga Perkins 9119 (100MB) and 9120 (1000MB) series are tried and true. They have single fiber and dual fiber versions available. We have over 50 units currently deployed.

See http://www.canogaperkins.com/library/datasheets/index.asp#LAN. In terms of pricing, they are a bit more expensive than the others, but their reputation is excellent.



I would stay away from IMC, they may be cheap but you get what you pay for.

Timo's is right, the Canoga transceivers are excellent. The only problem I've had is with the standalone models; the power supply had failed on a couple of them, but swap them out with another and your off and running again. Canoga was aware of this problem and supposedly fixed it.

Another alternative is Transitions networks www.transition.com. I haven't had much experience with them personally, but I hear good things about them. They are also not as bulky as the Canogas, giving you a higher port density, per RMU.


You should look in the japaneese market, they're very heavily into single
strand stuff since you can buy fiber strands there per strand and not only
per pair. I have seen 24port 100FX(single strand) switches with gig uplink
(gbic) aimed at the japaneese residential market.

A bunch of optical ethernet guys make everything one would need from the enterprise to the metro area, GigE to dwdm to sonet/sdh http://www.luminous.com/