rVRRPd - A new open source VRRPv2 daemon


I released the first major version of rVRRPd, an open source and
RFC3768-compliant VRRPv2 daemon. It actually only supports Linux but I
will soon be adding support for additional operating systems and platforms.

rVRRPd was born from my desire to develop skills in system development.
I also wanted to provide another open and secure implementation of a
FHRP to the network community.

Here's a summary of what rVRRPd (v0.1.0) is:
- Implemented almost entirely in Rust
- Interoperable with RFC3768 compliant devices
- Support for RFC2338 simple password authentication
- Support for additional proprietary authentication methods
- Easily configurable using TOML
- Multithreaded operations
- Fast, secure and scalable

This implementation is aimed to be fast and secure, however please keep
in mind, it is still in its infancy. It is not yet ready for production
use but should be fairly stable.

I'm the only developer at this time, and my resources are limited.
However, I took the time to fuzz the latest version, and to do some
interoperability testing. So far, the results have been great.

Of course, I'm open to any suggestions and feedback. Anything that can
improve the project constructively is more than welcome. I am also open
to contributors.

You can find the latest development version of rVRRPd at