Rural Wireless ISP


I'm hoping to learn some pointers and get advice for a colleague hoping to
establishing a rural wireless-ISP in South America. It's the typical story
as in most other South American countries the capital city is served to
some extent by the monopoly provider and the rural towns and villages are
very poorly served. The intention is to establish Internet Kiosks where
the locals can access the internet and make VOIP calls even transact some

In my limited search I did come across a wireless system by Analog Devices
know as "corDECT", that is doing a good job over in India. But not to
constrain the options, we're hoping to learn about any solution that is
suitable for this situation.

Any suggestions on:

Possibly not what you are looking for, might be more than you are looking
for, but SOMA Networks has a 3G'ish wireless platform which does land-line
quality voice and very respectable data rates. You need a chunk of
spectrum though.


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