rules for assignment of IPv6 identifiers

If you check
you will see that IPNGWG has some thoughts on what rules should be
followed by registries to allocate IPv6 identifiers somewhat analogous to
ASNs and IPv4 netblocks.

The idea of publishing an Internet draft is that if you feel that it needs
to be changed or corrected in some way, you can communicate that to the
Working Group before it becomes an RFC.

The elegant way to make your voice heard would be to to join the IPNG
mailing list by sending a "subscribe ipng" message to after browsing the last month or so of the
archive at

The crude but effective way would be to join the IETF mailing list by
sending a "subscribe" message to They would like
you to include "subscribe" in both the message body and the Subject line.

And I suppose if you feel like wasting your breath you could make
suggestions on this list where it won't do any good and the WG won't be
able to hear your ideas. *sigh* :frowning: