Rudimentary IPv6 Progress Report Page

I've been messing around with parsing MRT format IPv6 BGP tables and saw
Randy's posts about deployment progress (or lack thereof), so I threw
together this site:

It gives a rough estimate of the percentage of:

* Networks that run IPv6 (currently 3%).

* IPv6 reverse DNS servers that are reachable via IPv6 (currently 31.6%,
believe it or not, most are only reachable via IPv4). If you have IPv6
reverse DNS servers, do they have an AAAA record for themselves?

* ISPs on the ISP list with IPv6 websites (currently 32.2%).
(I'll be the first to admit that Hurricane has a bunch of sites that need
to be fixed to work with IPv6, we just added an AAAA record for
before posting this.)

* Alexa 500 websites that are IPv6 enabled (currently 0%).

The site is a work in progress. Feel free to send me suggestions.


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