rtrmon (router monitor) sample output

I wanted to add a few notations to Brett's announcements about rtrmon.

(1) it is freely redistributable with a BSD-like copyright, though it
    requires that appropriate credit be given Genuity in the literature
    of any derived product (which is fair since they paid us to write it.)

(2) it is extremely portable since it's written in perl/tk/expect/yadayada.

(3) it is running in production on at least Genuity's network.

(4) its main author is Dave Lawrence, who came to work here after UUNET.

The URL for it is http://www.vix.com/rtrmon/. There's no mailing list yet,
the web page says "send mail to Dave Lawrence if you have questions" and
that's about right until Genuity sets up a real mailing list for it.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to publically thank Genuity, who
lets me rant and whine about free software, and then pays us to write stuff
like Vulture (and soon Vulture-II, which is lots prettier and can deal with
subinterfaces which Cisco SNMP doesn't describe), and RTRMON, and then lets
us give them away to a community which is pretty much loaded with potential

My argument to Rodney (at Genuity) was: "the network is still cooperative at
the core technology level, and if these tools allow your competitors to have
more reliable networks, then YOUR customers will benefit from that as well."
I hope more ISP's will follow Genuity's example, rather than believing the
"competitive advantage" fiction I've heard spewed so often in this field.