[rt-users] Ticket Image attach corruption

From: "Joshua Lansford" <Joshua.Lansford@laserlinc.com>

> Question: do you guys make a point, at all, of evangelizing to
> distro
> maintainers and packagers that they package 4.x, or, more to the
> point
> pull 3.x*out* of repos?

I checked and there are separate packages for rt4. I understand leaving
the 3.8 around as not to surprise folks when they do a system upgrade.


It would have been nice if they had updated their wiki though. Quite a
bummer as I just went live. I am going to try and set up a duplicate
system on a virtual machine to test upgrade to 4.0. Thanks for
pointing this out. I will be following this guide:

About the wiki, it's largely me you're complaining about, so you got
the right guy: I did a large bolus of rework on it around 3.8 release
time, and have not been using rt-due to job changes-since, so I haven't
gotten around to reworking it again for 4.x.

If I get a full-time $DAYJOB I'm in the running for right now, that will
likely change, as I'll be rolling out 4.0 for there, and updating/merging
the current doco to the wiki.

-- jra

[ Oops. Disregard. Damn, but I wish Zimbra understood List-Reply. I
only hung the bug ticket 4 years (and two major releases) ago... --j ]