RSTP - Foundry Chassis + Cisco + 802.1q + VRRPE

RSTP + 802.1q + VRRPE

  I have a couple of Foundry NetIron Chassis (Ironcore M4 blades,
v9.0.x), Foundry SIs and some Cisco Workgroup switches 3750s(12.2). I will
also be throwing a Cat 5509 into the mix at some point running 7.x code I am
trying to run RSTP between them and keep having some arp aging problems (to
Foundry SIXL loadbalancers from hosts attached to Cisco) and STP problems.
Also running 802.1q between all of the above and VRRPE on the Foundrys.
Anyone have some good resources for this mix of characters? General searches
not very helpful. I can't upgrade hardware.. Also tell me if this is an
irreconcilable or irreverent mix. Biggest issues seem to be arp info aging
out when all hosts are on same 802.1q vlan including SIs.

Thanks for any help..