RS/960 upgrade ... status report

Mark said:
observed during RS/960 testing. The problem involved some aberrant
behavior of rcp_routed when a misconfigured regional peer router would
advertise a route via BGP to an ENSS whose next hop was the ENSS
itself. The old rcp_routed could go into a loop sending multiple
redirect packets out on to the subnet. The new rcp_routed will close
the BGP session if it receives an announcement of such a route. The
new rcp_routed software also has support for externally administered
inter-AS metrics, an auto-restart capability, and bug fixes for BGP
overruns with peer routers.

        This deployment caused a few problems. One is that this
new feature of rcp_routed pointed out a misconfigured peer router
at Rice University in Houston. This caused the BGP connection to
open and close rapidly which caused further problems on the peer
router. Eventually the peer was reconfigured to remove the
bad route, which fixed the problem. Another problem was on the
Argonne ENSS. This node crashed in such a way that it was