Rover Version 4 Port for BSDI

Does anyone have a Rover version 4 port running on BSDI? The Merit sources
don't compile under BSDI and I'm hoping not to duplicate work already done.
A LINUX or generic BSD port might also help.



<shameless plug>

  I've got something similar to this, which has some
neato features in it, called sysmon. It runs on all the *nix'es,
and is in operation at several places around the world.

  The docs aren't super great, but I'm decent at answering questions
about how it's configured, etc.. and once you get the hang of it,
it becomes really easy.

  I'm coming close to releasing the next major rev, but you can
download the current (and betas) off the website, and I'll be working some
more on the docs.

  It's also free :slight_smile:

  </shameless plug>

  - jared