[routing-wg]BGP Update Report


Hi Gert,

Ummm, well, this is a damn fast plane if it will reach another continent
1843 times per day (or even "per week")... - which should be the only
time the BGP announcement moves.

Sounds more like "the BGP-follows-plane system has some stability problems".


Probably they are using low or medium earth orbit satellites, which
_are_ damn fast in orbit. Otherwise the round trip time would be
unacceptably high.

I believe that all Connexion support is / was from geostationary satellites.

As the whole thing is 3D, some of them might have contact to
ground stations on this or the other side of the great lake,
depending on their 3D position, even thru the plane travels
on a well defined track (probably a 3D circle, too) in just one
direction only.

Ceterum censeo: Nevertheless this moving-clients application shows
some demand for a true-location-independend IP-addresses
announcement feature (provider independend "roaming") in IPv6,
as in v4 (even thru this isn't the "standard" way, but Connexion is
anything but standard). Shim etc. is not sufficient ...

That seems like a reasonable conclusion.

Kind Regards