Routing wars pending?

Absolutely agree with both Robert and Vadim that DNS need to be revised
in a big way. I especially would like to see the MX record concept
applied to information services (IX maybe), i.e. [...]

That's not a big revision. "Big" revisions usually entail wire protocol
changes. What you want is called a "SRV" record and it was submitted to
the RFC Editor for "extended last call" (befitting its experimental
status) about a week ago. An earlier version can be had from any Internet
Drafts repository as draft-gulbrandsen-dns-rr-srvcs-01.txt.

Has this simple concept been proposed in an IETF draft unknown to
us ugly ducklings :slight_smile:



Tim, next time I'd like you to do three things differently:

(1) do your homework before posting widely
(2) post to big-internet or nanog but not both
(3) only include one copy of your .signature