Routing wars pending?

At the moment, JPNIC -- the Japanese country NIC -- charges 20,000 yen
(about $200) for one-time transaction fee to register the IP address
for the requestor.

JPNIC delegates address blocks to Japanese NSPs, and the address
assignment from the delegated space by a NSP is charged 10,000 yen
(about $100). This discount is intended to cover NSP's cost to talk
with not-well-knowledged-clients and cost to submit their request form
in emails. JPNIC does not monitor how much NSPs actually charges their

When a client changes its NSP, JPNIC does not currently charge the
one-time registeration fee to the client unless the new address space
is not larger than before. This is because these change requests are
usually submitted in emails and JPNIC people do not have to talk the
requester nor have to create a form from snail-mailed or faxed

-- Akira Kato, WIDE Project