Routing table growth

Andrew Partan said:

We are starting to get reports from some of our (multihomed)
customers that full routing tables will no longer fit in 32Meg

How many others are seeing this? (Andrew Partan)

Apples and oranges, probably, but Digital's routers in Palo Alto (a
pair of AlphaStation 200s, each with 128MB of memory and a pair of
FDDI boards) have a kernel routing table size of 8735 Kbytes (9178
Kbytes peak). The virtual size of the gated process is 27.9Mbytes. We
get full routing tables from Alternet and BBN Planet, and however many
AS paths CIX is supplying. From a gated dump I took on March 28th, I
count 6517 AS paths. As of a couple minutes ago, we have 34662
BGP-supplied routes in our routing table.

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Stephen Stuart
Network Systems Laboratory
Digital Equipment Corporation