Routing Resilience Survey (a project coordinated by ISOC)

Hello everyone,

I'd like to draw your attention to an effort coordinated by the Internet
Society aimed at a better understanding of Internet-wide routing
security issues. This effort is based on the collection of incident data
related to routing resiliency to provide a statistically representative
picture of these incidents and their impacts, as a basis for risk
assessment and global trend analysis.

We would like to invite network operators to join this effort. You can
find more information about this project here:

For participating network operators the project will help answering
questions like:
- What happens with my prefixes elsewhere in the global Internet?
- What impact routing misconfigurations can have on my network?
- How "safe" the global routing system is?

One important thing I'd like to mention here is related to
confidentiality. We understand the sensitivity of some of the data
involved in this effort. Therefore, the Internet Society is committed to
ensuring participant-specific information remains confidential. All data
collected will be stored on Internet Society servers. Any public
information or analyses will be fully anonymized.

This is a 6-month effort. After the project is successfully completed we
will publish a report presenting the findings, statistical data and
trends. We'll also be happy to present the results at one of NANOG meetings.

We hope you will join this effort.


Andrei Robachevsky
Internet Society