Routing registry was Re: Sprint BGP filters in 207.x.x.x?

Gordon Cook writes:
  Good point Jeff. Sprint did get SOME inter regional connectivity money.
  For that they supposedly had to connect to ALL the NAPs (besides their
  own). they were supposed to make the connections a year ago. They were
  what 6 to 9 months late in connecting to Pac bell nap?
  So if they were supposed to use the services of the routing arbiter and
  appear to have renigged on this, what can anyone do?? Are they determined
  to make it painfully obvious for all to see that there are no enforcement
  teeth left at the NSF?

The NSF funded regionals, not NSPs. There is no requirement in
NSF93-52 that makes use of the RA mandatory. The only requirement
placed on the regional's choice of NSP is connection to all priority

As the NAPS were significantly late in becoming operational, and are
less significant to the operation of the continental infrastructure
than originally planned, one can hardly take any particular NSP to
task for being late to connect to all of them.