Routing registry was Re: Sprint BGP filters in 207.x.x.x?

MichNet's agreement is with MCI. I can't speak about deals others may have
with Sprint. I think it is unlikely that Sprint got any Interregional
Connectivity money, however. That money went to regional networks. Those
networks may be spending some of the NSF funds with Sprint. The agreements
that came from NSF along with the money imposed requirements on the
regional networks and not directly on the NSPs. It is up to the
regional networks to pass those requirements on to their NSP and I'd
think it was up to the regional networks and not NSF to see that the NSPs
follow the requirements.

Sprint is a funny beast in this discussion because they are both
an NSP and a NAP operator (and still the International Connections
Manager?), but I think the recent discussion has been talking about
NSPs and not NAP operators.

   -Jeff Ogden

I believe Nysernet got some IRC money, and they are with Sprint.