Routing Protocol Simulators -Reply


Novell built one for NLSP. NLSP models the IS - IS protocol for IPX. The
simulator creates a variety of topologies, allows you to specify change
rates in those topologies, and also allows you to create your own. Some
of the topologies are a cube, one that models what an ISP deploying IPX
might look like, and one that models RIP. I'm not sure whether additional
topologies have been added.

You can contact AE Natarajan for more information (he is copied on this
email message).


"Craig A. Haney" <> 02/28/97 03:43pm

I am in need of routing protocol simulators, and would be
most appreciative if information can be provided on
available packages (commercial and/or public domain).
In particular, packages that can provide realistic
simulation of the ISIS and/or OSPF protocols would be
most ideal.

Thank you for your time.

Daniel Awduche.

Try calling Prof. Ranbir Sidu. Their product may be of interest.

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I once ran across something called the Maryland Routing Simulator (MARS)

when I was looking into the Routing Arbiter. I looked around and found
it again. has a link to the aformentioned
and more.