routing problem

i hope this is appropriate for this list. is being announced from as5798 via as3130 and as3838.
we have an radb entry for it. there was an mci entry until monday
night. but as of today (wednesday) we still get all incoming traffic
via as3130. outgoing seems to be fairly well balanced between our
providers, so the theory says that we should get about equal data in
from them too.

Actually, incoming and outgoing are often/usually controlled by totally
different mechanisms.

For example, how are you doing load balancing? By having the Cisco throw
packets alternately out each port? By having it do so on a connection-
oriented basis ('ip route-cache' as opposed to 'no ip route-cache')?
Or do you take full or partial routes from your providers?

maybe some of you can look at your routers and help me figure out why
we aren't getting any data in via as3838.

any other clues would be greatly appreciated as well.

I think in general the most appropriate thing is to first contact
the NOC for ASN 3838 (Structured Network Systems). Or since it's
not cutting you off from the net, send e-mail to
[info gleaned from the whois records].

But I see only one route for you. The tail of the AS-Path is
1239 1792 3130 5798.

Perhaps you're not sending to AS 3838?
Or they've filtered it?