routing meltdown


So, it seems that using route servers would have no impact wrt to removing
"complex routing protocols from routers".

There is at least one large Internet service provider who has talked
(internally) about doing things like removing routing protocols
entirely from commercial routers that forward very well but route very
poorly. It was even suggested at one point that maybe we could open a
telnet session and feed the router "ip ro net mask hext-hop" and "no
ip ro net mask hext-hop" commands as a means to control it, but though
giving it routing using a single BGP connection and third party routes
was a cleaner approach. Probably the only thing that kept us from
doing that was the poor cache performance and buffering problems
(didn't really forward all that well under real network conditions).


  They don't build them like they used to. They never did. :slight_smile:
  True for arbitrary values of "they".