routing meltdown

I absolutely agree that the time has come to remove complex routing
protocols from routers and use workstations.

High Speed Motherboards .... Just saw a nice 75 - 200 Mhz
Pentium board in San Jose, nice chipset and features for
under 300 dollars (no CPU). Purchased Quantum drives at $0.26 per
MB.... Memory still around $500 per 16 MB.....
64 bit bus architectures are common and an accepted standard...

In a year we may be seeing 180 MHz new version Pentiums... drives
and storage cheaper.... and hopefully memory prices will fall.

It is not that hard to begin thinking of ways to build AS' routing
architectures that are more exciting than the current computationally
limited routers in the market place...... with computational hardware
dropping in price and increasing in performance at an accelerated
rate.... why design inter-domain systems based on the constraints
of slow moving vendors ? Why constrain routing algorithms on the
same H/W limitations?