routing dump / routing registry checks

There is a new report at:


  There are 114 AS in which aggregates are registered and unregistered
  more specific prefixes announced but for which the aggregate is not
  announced. Some of these may be cases where the aggregate is not being
  formed due to a configuration error. There are 197 of these registered
  but unannounced aggregates. These aggregates overlapped 840 prefixes.

There is an updated report on unregistered prefixes at:

These two reports used the May 9 routing dumps but use copies of the
routing registries from May 19, reflecting changes made since May 9.

The original reports are at:

The main page has not been updated to reflect this third iteration.


btw- This was previously announced to NANOG only. I'm not sure what
distribution list is appropriate. Suggestions by private response
please to avoid clogging the mailing lists.