Routing config abilities (was: Infoworld article).

John Curran:

Again, NETCOM would be the authoritative source for such info...
Reuter's June 19th coverage noted that the problem was related to
a problem with a routine change to the "routing table". I will note
that operating a large Internet backbone requires availability of
staff with very specialized skills in both Internet routing and
high-speed networking, and all Internet service providers face
quite a challenge in maintaining such staff. This is a risk factor
to Internet growth and stablility that receives little attention but
nevertheless is quite real.

With this point being brought up, I'm still a little surprised that
so few people _still_ only know large scale and/or complicated RP's
(OSPF/IBGP/EBGP). I can't believe that the learning curve for
configuring those RP's is that high...

Looking at a small ISP here in the bay area who just got a 2nd transit
line, I thought they'd have their MED's set up right (or at least
have somebody who they could call for a quick looksee), but all I
see is the typical asymetric routes. Their old transit provider
is still the preferred back into the ISP, but the outbound is
defaulted through the new transit provider.

Does the learning curve top out at the "ip route [etc]" command?