Routes to twitter via 8359 8359 8342

Is anyone else seeing this route destined for Twitter in the US being directed through 8359 announced by 8342?

Just curious, replies off list welcome.


Seems visible in a handful of places:

$ w3m -dump ‘NLNOG RING looking glass’ | fgrep 8342
        BGP.as_path: 198644 21283 8447 8359 8342
        BGP.as_path: 8607 8359 8342
        BGP.as_path: 16086 8359 8342
        BGP.as_path: 31027 8359 8342

There is a RPKI ROA which only authorizes AS 13414 to originate that
/24, chances are that RPKI ROV is helping limit the blast radius.

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I’m seeing the same thing from my edge routers in Toronto and New York but am discarding the route on each due to it being RPKI invalid. Looks like a potential hijack by a Russian ISP based on the origin ASN.

NLNOG RING also shows some of their peers accepting the invalid announcement while others are accepting the correct one.

Peter Potvin