Router problems?

Sean wrote:

Is there another poison BGP route floating around tonight? I'm
seeing odd routes across several providers, and routes are coming
and going.

We routinely monitor the traffic dynamics of about 40 BGP feeds at, looking for things like this.

There was a fair amount of garden-variety spiky noise last night, including
small globally cross-correlated withdrawal bursts at a few points, but
nothing that I would characterize as truly odd. Some reserved AS
leakage, but no poison routes, and no sign of the announcement/withdrawal
storms that generally accompany them.

There could certainly have been specific problems with specific
networks or providers that wouldn't lead to globally correlated instability,
and therefore wouldn't have triggered an alert from us. If we have a
BGP feed from the company in question, we generally catch incipient
instability even in the absence of correlation and can issue
them a private warning.

Hint, hint. --jim